Best Time of the Day to Bid on Craybid

There are so many great items to bid on at Craybid, but when is the best time to bid on them?

I really think that the most important thing to do before you make any kind of bidding commitment is to do your research! Once you have found something that you would really like to win and you feel like you can commit yourself to going all the way to the BIN price if you have to, then start checking out every auction for the item you want, as well as similar items. I personally would make a spreadsheet detailing when the auctions for the coveted item (or very similar ones) start, Pin them on Craybid, and then when the auction is over, what time the auction ended. By the way, if you don’t know how to pin auctions on Craybid, it’s really easy! Just click the Pin Image icon in the top right corner of the auction, and it will turn Grey.

After you have watched and studied and took notes on these auctions you can get a better idea of when might be your best time to take the plunge and start bidding.

Personally, I have found the best times to bid in general are weekdays during the daytime, and holidays. However, Craybid has grown to be such a huge site with so many people opening accounts and bidding it’s really hard to say. I feel the best idea when trying to find the best time to bid is just to watch, watch, watch! If you happen to be browsing the “Winners” section on Craybid and notice that a lot of items have gone quite cheaply in the past hour or so, well, now’s the time! Load up that Autobid and have some fun!

So, Craybidders, that is how you decide when to bid when you want to get a great deal on Craybid. Sometimes the plan works out beautifully and you win an awesome item, and other times you end up Buying It Now and using my bids a different day. That’s the fun of Craybid, you never know who will win! So go ahead and check out the auctions and see what you would really like to bid on and WIN! See you on Craybid everyone! Good luck and happy bidding.

Anyone has thoughts on “Best Time of the Day to Bid on Craybid?”


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